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What are we made of?

Some say bones, flesh and desires. 

Some say earth, water, air, fire. 

Or is it star stuff? 

It's a matter of perspective. 

The truth lies where our consciousness goes. 

The moment we bring our attention 

to the smallest drop of rain, 

it becomes an extraordinary

world in itself. 

The moment we pause 

in silence, we step into vastness. 

The moment we question,

we open a door.

Ether/Air element


Healing modality that offers infinite acceptance and love, supporting you on your path to wellbeing.

Sacred evolutionary gifts


Circle art, centered art, brings our attention back to the inner space. This is the space from which all beauty in life arises.


Serving our community by offering classes, workshops and healing services in a variety of styles at all levels.


Our allies in healing

Through careful listening, the soul always emerges to be heard.

This work is an experiential modality following Bert Hellinger's approach to dynamics of family systems.



Earth element

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