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Family Constellations


This work is based on Bert Hellinger's work and long time experience with systems dynamics.

Through Constellations exploration we reach deeply into the soul longings and give them a voice. A living stage is created where past traumas and wounds become part of a process of transformation, where the mysteries of life are honored and acknowledged.

About Family Constellation


Within a family system, through out generations, there are events and experiences that influence the flow of life and the movement of love. An exclusion of a family member, a premature death, a secret, are just a few examples of what impedes the flow of life and might be at the root of a present issue in our lives.


If we are to use the image of a river, there is only one direction conducive to life and that is downstream. Any obstacle within the course of the river will change to a lesser or greater extent the quality of the flow.

Starting in the present tense


Here are a few examples of issues a client might bring to a session:


  • difficulty in accepting and growing success in one’s career

  • communication issues with one’s partner

  • any relational challenges with one’s children, parents, etc.

  • emotional distress such as sadness, grief, anger, etc.

  • looking for clarity regarding one particular impending change

   • an issue that seems to rock the sense of     balance in one’s life



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Enlarging the lens


The practitioner guides the client into an exploration of the family of origin through gathering of factual information. As the family field starts taking shape, what is revealed represents the truth of what is.


From there the areas that have not been previously acknowledged and are directly connected to the client’s inquiry receive space and attention.


The client becomes aware of a larger lens through which to acknowledge all that previously might have been understood through a limited and thus painful perspective.


The conscious understanding expands, encompassing a larger truth. The position from which the client perceives his/her truth is now supported as more resources become available.


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