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"Madalina helped me overcome the end of an abusive relationship and a move to leave that city. Her Reiki helped me find much needed peace and comfort to ease the difficult days, she taught me meditation techniques to cut ties that bind, and to dissolve fear and welcome light, change and strength, and she got me to flow after I had been feeling stuck at every level for a very long time. As someone keenly aware of my own emotions and anxieties, I have noticed a sense of wellness and balance through times where chaos and stress would have reigned, and I attribute this oasis of emotional comfort to Madalina's attention to my spiritual needs and her amazing healing touch." -R.B.


"Madalina has an insightful, skilled, supportive and gentle style in her work, which inspires one to stay focused, committed and believe in themselves to achieve their goal and transformation. I am deeply grateful to have had her as my coach and mentor. It has been a deep blessing. I have come away from the whole experience with a deeper, richer understanding and appreciation not only of nature and of the universe but of myself." L.R.


"After each session, I always left with a feeling of wholeness, balance and vitality. I have come to believe (through Madalina's guidance) that Reiki clears, strengthens, and heals. Madalina has a gift that promotes wellness and healing." - T.R.


"I've had incredible fortune of experiencing the healing power of Madalina's Reiki sessions.
After only an hour with Madalina, I felt physically altered - a sense of serenity and deep calm pervaded my being.  
Madalina's wisdom and kind loving energy will presence what you may not see on your own." - Jennifer S.

"Madalina's healing mandala has a power of illuminating your spirit and calming your soul.  The mandala infuses you with strength and foresight, that gives you the ability to stay present in your life renewed, vital, ready to accomplish whatever your heart desires."- Julia S.


"I have had wonderful experiences participating in both Madalina's Reiki healing circles as well as doing individual sessions with her. With much grace, wisdom and a strong healing energy, Madalina has helped me tap into my body's own intelligence, giving me greater lightness, peace and renewed energy. Many thanks and blessings." - Maria P.


"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful, inspiring and greatly informative Reiki class!  While I was excited about the training, I had no idea what to expect.  Delightfully, I found every aspect of it to be just great.  As I mentioned at the start on Saturday, I have been called by Reiki since the 90s and I always turned away and put it off.  I am so happy that I did not turn away from you..... 

So a heart- and soul-felt thank you!" -N.H.


"NOT ONLY DID I LEARN ABOUT THE CHAKRAS, (in Journey through the Chakras class) BUT I ALSO LEARNED MORE ABOUT MYSELF. A lot of past experiences that I thought I had dealt with and let go were brought to the surface for what I believe is a final resolution. Thank you Madalina for teaching the course. You notice I sat by you the whole time. I love your energy! See you soon!" -C.P.




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