Monthly Reiki Healing Circle

For 2020: Jan. 23, Feb. 20, March 12, April 23.

2020 is a year of grounding our dreams and experiencing far more peace and spaciousness than previously.

This process works best when we are supported and we frequently bring ourselves in alignment physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Gathering in community with common purpose makes us stronger and focuses our intentions, bringing more healing to each of us.

In each session we will become aware of subtle energy, clear and cleanse our energy field and chakras and replenish and regenerate internal energy with Reiki.

All are welcome beginners and practitioners alike.

Shakti Yoga will host the circles one Thursday each month, 1-2:15pm. Check Shakti schedule or this page for dates.

Class card or $20 drop in.



2020 Family Constellation Workshops
February 9th, 2020
1pm-4pm at Shakti Yoga, 1861 Springfield Ave., Maplewood, NJ

Family Constellations, is an experiential method of deeply connecting with unseen family patterns still active in our present time frame. Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger is the founder of this therapeutic modality that has at its base the belief that old wounding in the system informs the way we engage with different aspects of our present life.


These family dynamics might show themselves not only in our relationships with our family members, but in our relationship to various aspect of our lives, as success, money, intimacy, creativity, etc.

We see our world through a lens that is informed by the ability with which we have processed past experiences. The clarity of this lens is usually narrow focused, with a small or large margin of blurriness representing our defenses, pain, anger, resentment, etc.


Through Family Constellations we are invited to enlarge the lens through which we become aware of what we know. What we then see becomes what simply is, a snap shot of a pattern, a moment, an image of a reality previously hidden to our conscious mind. Slowly that which keeps us bound in the loops of judgment and limited belief, sheds away and leaves room for renewed energy and vaster possibilities.

Our spectrum of resources becomes wider and we become stronger, clearer. 

In a Family Constellation workshop, you may work on your piece or participate as a representative. Both aspects bring a tremendous healing and both client and representative gain understanding and possibly more compassion for all facets of our human nature.

The issues that a client might bring could be relationship based, career, location, anything that presents itself as a priority in someone’s field of interest at that moment, something they needs to clarify or rephrase.


$45 in advance. $50 the day of, $80 for couples or 2 friends.







                                                     Learn to tune your chakras through investigation, practice and trust.

                                                     How often do we have to tune a musical instrument? Every time we play it.  We too are                                                        in need of daily tuning so that we can move in alignment with our higher purpose in all                                                        our activities and relationships.


                                                     This class presents an invitation to explore the notions of security, creativity, peace,                                                              speaking your truth, intuition and more, and see how they affect your wellbeing.  We                                                            will use theory and practice, mind and body awareness, to access these powerful energy                                                      centers and bring alignment in our live


                                                  Where: Shakti Yoga and Living Arts, 1861 Springfield Ave., Maplewood, NJ



$150 for 7 weeks, $25 Drop-in



or register by phone, at Shakti at 973-763-2288





We live in times of great change and transformation.

We know what it means to search for more harmony, more balance,

more ease in our daily activities and relationships.


We know that our thoughts and emotions affect our wellbeing.

We know that our physical bodies respond directly to stimulus from

the environment we live in. We are becoming more savvy at

understanding the complexity of our nature, and we understand that we are fully capable of expanding our mind, our heart space and ultimately affect our general sense of wellbeing and grace.


The Reiki System of Natural Healing offers a doorway toward your own enhanced potential. It teaches you to step with courage into the more of you.

This course offers a unique blend of Western and Eastern tradition.


 REIKI 1  -

Reiki 1 is the beginning of a road traveled by many, so you will not be alone.

It offers a way to start a steady self practice that brings better knowledge of self, healing and wholeness.


In Reiki 1 you will:

• Learn where Reiki originated and how we came to study it today

• Learn spiritual centering practices

• Receive four attunements (reiju)

• Learn to give Reiki to self

• Learn a chair protocol that you can use on others


Your investment for each level: $275 (for group classes)

You will receive a manual.

You will also receive certificates of completion for each level (upon completion of course requirements). 

For returning students, you may resit for $125.


For more information please call: 347-526-4748 or email at:

For registration, please visit or call 973-763-2288.




REIKI 2  -


This is what Reiki 2 offers:
• you will receive hree Reiki symbols(shirushi) and their uses
• learn mantras (jumon) and chanting
• how to send absentee healing
• learn the basic balancing protocol for table sessions
• receive three more attunements (reiju)


Your investment for each level: $275 (for group classes)

You will receive a manual.

You will also receive certificates of completion for each level (upon completion of course requirements). 

For returning students, you may resit for $125.


Some of the benefits of  the Reiki System include:

• stress reduction

• relief from anxiety

• lessening of mind chatter

• harmonizing and balancing emotional response

• relief from physical pain and discomfort

great aid for spiritual growth and depening soul connection



Allow Reiki to become your teacher and friend.

For more information or to secure your spot for Reiki training, please call: 347-526-4748

or email at:


For registration, please visit or call 973-763-2288.






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