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Journey Through the Chakras

Listen to your chakras for your highest well being

at Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing


Friday-Sunday, November 5th-7th, 2021

This is a wonderful workshop born from the love of practice and the desire to share its benefits with all of you who feel called to higher self care or nudged by curiosity.


You will be introduced to several perspectives - from the yogic traditions and psychological/spiritual  traditions - that will help you tap into your chakra system and gain or reconnect with new understanding and wisdom around this aspect of your energy body.

You will learn:

•  how to access the frequency of each chakra

•  understand its function

•  create a balance between give and receive 

•  learn how to clear and optimize their function

Practices and offerings during the weekend include:

•  yoga

•  chanting

•  meditation

•. good food

•  meeting new people


For more information and registration, please visit:

Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing

This weekend you will gently be guided with humor, presence and love by:


Madalina Blanton


Anna Winkler



Family Constellation Workshops
Stay tuned for workshops on Zoom coming in 2022


Family Constellations, is an experiential method of deeply connecting with unseen family patterns still active in our present time frame. Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger is the founder of this therapeutic modality that has at its base the belief that old wounding in the system informs the way we engage with different aspects of our present life.


These family dynamics might show themselves not only in our relationships with our family members, but in our relationship to various aspect of our lives, as success, money, intimacy, creativity, etc.

We see our world through a lens that is informed by the ability with which we have processed past experiences. The clarity of this lens is usually narrow focused, with a small or large margin of blurriness representing our defenses, pain, anger, resentment, etc.


Through Family Constellations we are invited to enlarge the lens through which we become aware of what we know. What we then see becomes what simply is, a snap shot of a pattern, a moment, an image of a reality previously hidden to our conscious mind. Slowly that which keeps us bound in the loops of judgment and limited belief, sheds away and leaves room for renewed energy and vaster possibilities.

Our spectrum of resources becomes wider and we become stronger, clearer. 

In a Family Constellation workshop, you may work on your piece or participate as a representative. Both aspects bring a tremendous healing and both client and representative gain understanding and possibly more compassion for all facets of our human nature.

The issues that a client might bring could be relationship based, career, location, anything that presents itself as a priority in someone’s field of interest at that moment, something they needs to clarify or rephrase.






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Monthly Reiki Healing Circle

Two more circles left for 2021:

Nov. 18th, December 16th via Zoom


2021 has offered quite a unique span of time, both stretched for too long and seemingly short. A lot has happened with our inner worlds and outer realities. We have passed through many thresholds and learnt much.

Almost at the end of it, we can look back and say that this was another year of great transformation for us individually and collectively. We are all feeling it. Don't you think?

Two more opportunities this year for group gathering.

During the 2021 circles I have brought forth special meditations based on the group's needs. These meditations are highly restorative, re-calibrating, re-balancing and loving, carrying high vibrations to be anchored in the physical realms of our bodies and the world.

All are welcome beginners and practitioners alike.

At the end of the circle, each and all receive Reiki healing.

Shakti Yoga will host the remaining circles via Zoom.

Registration through Shakti Yoga.

Class card or $20 drop in.