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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a vibrational healing modality initiated in Japan.

Reiki brings balance to the emotional body, clarity and focus to the mental body,  and a stronger connection to the spiritual body.


Reiki is elegant, both powerful and gentle and intelligent. It responds beautifully to the recipient’s intention for the session.


When we are clear in our desire for healing  and we are ready to ask, we create an enormous opening, we become permeable.

At that moment Reiki never fails to show its answer.


What happens during a session:


  • The session starts with a verbal portion where Madalina gathers information and works intuitively with the client to form an intention for the session. The intention will create a focused anchor point, almost like a funnel, through which the universal energy is invited in.

  • The hands on portion follows. Madalina might be using a number of various techniques, such as protocols for specific organs, transmission of Reiki through breath and eyes, brushing.


Additionally, Reiki can be transmitted directly to the emotional

or mental bodies for specific challenges:


  • Habit healing: supports stopping undesired habits such as smoking or overeating

  • Affirmation technique: creates an infusion of supportive, positive thoughts that cleanse negativity.

  • Transmission to the past: helps with healing from past challenging events such as losses, conflicts, traumas that might be hindering a smooth flow of vital energy in the present.

  • Transmission to the future: supports efforts, desires, plans, such as a new job, travel, meetings, medical interventions.


Ask about distance transmission here.

Session fee: $125 per hour, in person or remotely

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