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Reiki sessions


Reiki treatments promote a general state of well being.

Some of the more immediate results could be:

  •  help with stress reduction

  •  increase emotional, mental and physical balance

  •  bring a smooth flow of life force through all energetic  centers of the body, organs and cells

  •  helps with recovery from an injury or preparation for a  surgical intervention

  •  helps with acute or chronic conditions




Crystals are beautiful healing aids serving as catalysts for the highest balance for our bodies, emotions and mind. They help with the natural flow of energy and with directing more specifically energy where needed, to strengthen depleted areas. They each have specific frequencies and roles as healers and can greatly aid any energy session. Madalina uses them in energy healing sessions.

    Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual counseling sessions are helpful to support a process of transformation either in times of change or to initiate change. Madalina offers intuitive guidance that allows blossoming from the Soul down, from the heart out and into a larger, calmer, more settled you.


Guidance might include practical suggestions about nutrition, herbs, spiritual practices that better serve your wellness at that moment.


Family Constellations sessions



Family Constellations are offered in one on one sessions.


The effect of Family Constelation sessions is one of freeing life force and becoming more available to show up in a creative way for all that life has to offer. It brings more harmony within oneself, creating more space for self-acceptance and self-confidence, therefore directly affecting personal relationship to one's reality.




Madalina offers sound sessions using tuning forks, tibetan singing bowls, various percussion and voice to better serve the healing process. Sound has the ability to work with clarity and precision at tuning the nervous system to a more coherent frequency so that energy can move through freely. It can gently and easily work on dissipating stagnation and/or bring more vitality in particular areas of the body.




1 hour session.....................$125

(in person and remote)


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